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You Have A Right To Compensation After A Tractor-Trailer Crash

You and your family could suffer catastrophic losses after a collision with a giant tractor-trailer. Life-changing injuries could keep you out of work and leave you with a mountain of medical bills. You should not have to deal with emotional and financial stress after an accident. The only thing you should worry about is your recovery. We can help you handle the rest.

For more than a decade, Weldon Law Firm has provided aggressive advocacy for those injured in negligent auto accidents on Georgia roads. These accidents can have life-changing impacts on every aspect of your life. And it is our goal to help reduce those impacts and ease your recovery. We strive to obtain justice and compensation for you and your family after a serious tractor-trailer accident.

It Is Critical To Work With A Skilled Attorney

If you were not at fault for an accident involving a tractor-trailer, you deserve compensation for any injuries and damages you suffered. However, tractor-trailer accidents often involve complex issues.

One of those issues involves determining exactly who was at fault for your injuries. The most common causes include:

  • Negligent drivers
  • Improper manufacturing
  • Improper maintenance

The driver’s employer and truck company could also be liable for the accident. There are various rules and regulations trucking companies must follow, from hiring drivers to reporting concerns. They could be held responsible for your injuries if they do not meet safety standards.

Standing up to big trucking companies and their insurers can be overwhelming, but Weldon Law Firm has the experience you need to fight for your compensation.

We Are Here When You Need An Ally

Before founding Weldon Law Firm, our attorney represented insurance companies in cases just like these. He knows how insurance companies offer you a low settlement to try and protect their own finances, and he uses that in-depth knowledge to help you.

We also work with various experts, including crash reconstructionists, to give you the edge you need against trucking companies with powerful interests. Insurance and trucking companies often use unfair tactics to deny you the compensation you need. That is why we are dedicated to seeking justice for injured individuals and their families.

Contact An Advocate Today

It is important to call an ally you can trust as soon as possible after an accident. The trucking companies will move fast to reach a settlement, but you deserve your full compensation. Contact Weldon Law Firm in Ringgold today at 706-965-4007 or by email to arrange a consultation with our lawyer today.